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University of Pennsylvania Praxis at Powderham Castle

June 8 2017

The 18th century Belvedere

The University of Pennsylvania Historic Preservation program’s three week Site Management, Interpretation and Conservation Praxis in May-June has been situated at Powderham Castle, ancestral home of the Earl of Devon on the south coast of England.  With Penn colleagues Laura Keim and Randall Mason, Pamela helped 10 first-year grad students document spaces and unearth archival materials, beginning to unravel the fascinating history of this site, first constructed around 1391.  Professors Daniel Maudlin and James Daybell from the innovative Cornerstone Heritage Program at University of Plymouth collaborated to create a dynamic program of lectures and activities, which have been shared on a variety of social media outlets, including our Instagram and new Twitter accounts, @ScattergoodDes1, and @HSPV Powderham and @CornerstoneHtg  and

Powderham Castle

Tour of the Rose Garden with Charles Courteney, Earl of Devon.

The Pavilion in the 18th century American Garden

Students studying evidence at the American Garden



First Teacher House Rising at Milembe School

April 21 2017

Foundations in place, April 8, 2017 with Science Labs and current classrooms in the background.

At the end of March, the Africa Schoolhouse crew began construction on the first teacher house at Milembe School. Located to the rear of the science laboratories built last year, this structure will allow the Head Teacher to live on site now, and eventually become a Matron’s House when dormitories are completed in the vicinity. The project is funded in part through the U. S. Embassy in Tanzania’s Community Grants Program.

Scattergood Design made a number of modifications to the teacher house prototype which was constructed in 2012 at Shilanona School in Qwimba District. The changes responded to feedback from the teachers at Shilanona and Milembe Schools, providing better acoustic privacy for parents and improvements to the rear cooking porch. Another goal was to simplify the overall shape and construction of the house, thereby streamlining the construction process and costs. The crew has already made great progress in less than four weeks.

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