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Powderham Castle in Country Life

August 2 2017

The venerable British magazine Country Life has just published a new article on Powderham Castle that features superb images of the site and interiors.  It marks the first time that the periodical has featured the site over the course of 100 years.  This latest piece previews some of the research findings from the University of Pennsylvania and University of Plymouth’s activities this summer (see our previous blog post) and can be found at: 

Powderham: The Devonshire castle that’s been in the same family for 600 years



University of Pennsylvania Praxis at Powderham Castle

June 8 2017

The 18th century Belvedere

The University of Pennsylvania Historic Preservation program’s three week Site Management, Interpretation and Conservation Praxis in May-June has been situated at Powderham Castle, ancestral home of the Earl of Devon on the south coast of England.  With Penn colleagues Laura Keim and Randall Mason, Pamela helped 10 first-year grad students document spaces and unearth archival materials, beginning to unravel the fascinating history of this site, first constructed around 1391.  Professors Daniel Maudlin and James Daybell from the innovative Cornerstone Heritage Program at University of Plymouth collaborated to create a dynamic program of lectures and activities, which have been shared on a variety of social media outlets, including our Instagram and new Twitter accounts, @ScattergoodDes1, and @HSPV Powderham and @CornerstoneHtg  and

Powderham Castle

Tour of the Rose Garden with Charles Courteney, Earl of Devon.

The Pavilion in the 18th century American Garden

Students studying evidence at the American Garden



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