Cambridge Public Library

The Cambridge Public Library was re-established as the “civic heart” of the community through renovation of the landmark building by Ann Beha Architects and a seamless connection to a striking new addition designed by William Rawn Associates. With responsibility for the renovation of the 1887 building and furnishings throughout the building, Pamela Hawkes as Principal for ABA  partnered from conceptual design to furnishings to ensure that the historic and contemporary structures were integrated visually and functionally. A lively Young Adults area, new Information Commons, administrative offices and a popular reading room were created within restored Victorian interiors.  The Library has dramatically expanded its programs and services, attracting more than 2,000 visitors of all ages every day. The decade-long collaboration between the architects, the City and the Library was at the forefront of the project’s success.  


“Anyone who doubts the relevance of libraries in the age of e-readers,, and the iPad should visit the new central branch of the Cambridge Public Library (CPL), in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They will find patrons borrowing the latest James Patterson thriller, parents reading to small children, people taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi, and community groups using the building’s meeting spaces.”

–Joann Gonchar, Architectural Record